1st Protein Structure, Function and Drug Discovery School

1st Protein Structure, Function and Drug Discovery School. Computational strategies encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and bioinformatics permeate almost every aspect of modern biological and biochemical research.

The aim of this school’s edition is to offer to Colombian students and researchers the opportunity to interact with worldwide-recognized researchers working on hot topics in computational chemistry and biology.

Invited speakers will talk about current and future strategies in simulating and predicting biomolecules functions, drug discovery, protein structures and affinity with drugs and sequencing technologies for the study of drug resistance.

We invite the participants to present posters to share their current work on topics related to computational (bio)chemistry. Deadline for the submission: July 31, 2017. Please attach a 400 words abstract with figures as a PDF file in the registration form below.

Fecha: Agosto 14-18 de 2017
Lugar: Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

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